Liudy - Hunting Knife

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Lyudi is the letter that is best known by people (lyudi literally means 'people'). The symbol consists of three equal in size circles which are connected together and represent the sacred Trinity through its different forms, i.e. the body-mind-spirit unity or Father - Son - the Holy Ghost (in Christian religion). It can also represent the unity father-mother-child. It can symbolize the time as past-present-future or the phases of the moon: waning moon - waxing moon -  full moon.


The handle of this knife bears the symbol of the noble dear. The dear possesess the spirit of infinite generosity. Its heart beat emits pulsating warm waves of kindness. The meanings attributed to Lyudi include: love, nobility, peace, fertility, creativity, spirituality, abundance, humility, benevolence, observation, beauty, reincarnation


From the Glagolitic script: 'Az buki, vedi glagolati! Dobro est zhiveti dzelo zemlya! Izhe (yota) kako lyudi mislite, nash on pokoy ratsi slovo tvardo! Ukh, frat, her! Shta chrav! Tsi sha! Er, er, eri! Et! En on! Yen yon! Yus! Yat!' Translated into contemporary Bulgarian this means 'Remember the letters, learn to speak! It is good to have your feet on the ground! Beause as you, people, thinketh, this is our pillar! Speak the words confidently! Upwards everyone flies! Go! Avoid the worm! Conquer the hights! You, man, you, youth, you, people! Man! With wisdom and reason! In the correct direction and with clear mind! Forward! Glory!


The knife is hand made in Kostenets by master craftsman Ivan Ilchev. The steel is strenghtened at 1050 C heat and then cold forged. The knife comes with a leather sheath. The knifes are made to order only (1-3 weeks). Free shipping to Speedy courier hubs.




  • Steel: German stainless, KRUPP 1.4034 - HRC 55
  • Process: Cold forged
  • Overall length: 275 mm
  • Blade length: 165 mm
  • Handle length: 110 mm
  • Blade thickness: 3 mm
  • Blade width: 36 mm
  • Handle width: 30 mm
  • Weight: apprx. 188 g
  • Leather sheath
  • Handmade in Kostenets, Bulgaria
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