Shevitsa - Leather Wallets


All of these leather products are handmade by master craftspeople Ivelina Stefanova and Stefan Bobevski (embroidery). The theme of most of the embroideries is Bulgarian folklore. Other embroderies ar Ivelina and Stefan's own designs. This makes their products really stand out.

With the concept of making the Bulgarian traditional embroidery, known as 'shevitsa' popular again, Ivelina and Stefan put it on everyday accesories, such as leather bracelets and wallets, thus making their products suitable for both younger and older audiences.

All of Ivelina and Stefan's products are made from high quality leather sourced from the Italian company Cadore and the Bulgarian company Fulmax (Gabrovo). The embroiedy is done using an old 1890s Singer sewing machine for a more authentic result.

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