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We present to you a project by our graphic designer and artist Gergina Gyuleva (the creator of the Protobulgarian Calendar Gift Set)! 'The Bull' Silver Bracelet!


The Project

The leather bracelet is tailor-made to fit the customer's wrist. The color of the bracelet is customizable ( limited only to what colors the producer has in stock at the time of order). The color of the thread used for the embrodery is also customizable. The bracelet uses snaps for fastening. The silver element on the bracelet weighs approx. 12 g and is made of sterling silver. The element is comprised of an ellipticaly shaped base from cast silver with a laser-cut silver ornament that is welded on top of it. The bracelet comes with an authenticity label (Sterling Silver 925) from the manufacturer.


The Story

The bull is a symbol that has a dual meaning. Usually it represents the masculine aspect of nature, the solar power sacred to all gods above; fertility; masculine power; the title of king; the king;

Riding a bull or bulls pulling a carriage is an attribute of the solar warrior and is related to the sky, thunder and the solar gods. The bellow of the bull represents thunder, rain and fertility.
As a symbol of fertility the bull also corresponds to the potent energy of the sun, rain, storm, thunder and lightning.

Interesting facts about the role of the bull as a symbol in Bulgarian history can be found in Petar georgiev's 'Kill Sabazios, kill the Bulgarian' (2011)


Bracelet Specifications:


  • Leather strap width: 3 cm and 4.5 cm in its mid-section
  • Bracelet diameter: custom
  • Bracelet leather color: dark brown or custom
  • Calfskin leather
  • Cast silver eliptical element size: 5 х 2.7 cm
  • Silver circle diameter: 3.5 cm
  • Approx. weight of silver: 16 g
  • Bracelet manufacturer - Tokash Silver Jewelry
  • Unisex model
  • Made in Bulgaria


This bracelet is made-to-order only. A 50% advance payment is required for work to commence. We offer free shipping for this item.


The standard period for making the bracelet is about 3-4 weeks. Additionally, we offer a customized wooden boxes for this bracelet. The box is paid seperately.


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