The Glagolitsa Collection

We present to you the 'Glagolitsa' collection which is hand crafted by master knife maker Ivan Ilchev from the village of Kostenets. This collection is dedicated to the Glagolitic script (an alphabet that was adopted in Bulgaria in the past). Each blade has an engraved letter from Glagolitsa. Most of the knife handles are made from buffalo antlers. Every knife comes with a leather sheath made from calfskin that preserves its durability and makes it easier to carry in the woods.

There may be minimal differences between the texture of the knife handles on the website and in the actual ones. Each buffalo antler is unique. As the knife maker himself notes: 'Even if I try, I couldn't make to identical knives. They are all unique. When I feel the urge to create I rely on my skills and intuition and it always leads me to a different path!'



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