The Heritage Collection

This knife collection is hand crafted in Karlovo by the master craftsmen Hristo Nedelev and Pavel Nedelev, members of the Chamber of masters of traditional crafts. It is called 'Heritage' because the knifes are made to withstand the test of time and to be passed down to the next generation of the owner! These luxury knives are famous across the whole country for their excellent craftsmanship, specifically in regard to the blade engravings.

The knife makers, Hristo and Pavel, frequently take part in traditional knife fairs across the country. In 2013 Hristo and Pavel participated in a two series documentary feature on TV+ that was dedicated on the traditions of Bulgarian knife making throughout the centuries. The engravement on the blade is made with knife burins.  Each knife comes with a leather sheath and a certificate of authenticity, signed by the craftsman.


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